Grant Services

Corry Redevelopment Authority assists in identifying and administering grants at the federal, state and local levels. We will prepare grant applications, administer contracts, review construction contracts for grant compliance issues, administer reimbursement requests, maintain grant records, and facilitate the final audit. Our involvement ensures the highest chance of receiving a grant award and a streamlined process to receive funds.


Financing assistance is available for existing Corry and Union City area companies, firms relocating to the area, and real estate developers. Programs provide monies to assist with working capital, machinery and equipment purchases, building & land acquisition, and facility construction and expansion.


Financing programs are available to eligible non-profit organizations to assist with refunding as well as building & land acquisition and facility construction and expansion.


When funding allows, the Corry RDA administers grant opportunities to assist qualifying homeowners with housing rehabilitation, health and safety, environmental issues, and/or accessibility improvements in order to improve the quality of the county’s housing stock and to correct conditions that pose a serious threat to the health, safety, and welfare of residents. Currently, Erie County’s Whole Home Repair Program is open and the Corry RDA is administering applications for the City of Corry, boroughs of Union City, Elgin, Wattsburg, Waterford, Mill Village, and the townships of Amity, Union, Concord, Venango, Greenfield, Waterford, LeBoeuf, and Wayne.

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